Work History Check

With our modern approach to managing candidate assurance, you can trust that potential staff have the experience they claim.

Verified work history

We'll independently contact previous employers to validate the candidate's role and tenure.

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Reference check

Delving into key attributes with a candidate's referee gives you a greater understanding of their skill level and competence.

Supporting material

Access additional material that candidates have uploaded, including academic transcripts and job-related accreditation. 

Our difference

Protect against

data breaches

Candidate's sensitive information is held securely in our encrypted portal, ensuring that data doesn't get into the wrong hands.

By setting unique hiring rules for different types of roles, you'll never have to think about what checks to get for each new request.

With our Proof document, you get a quick overview of the check results without having to dig into the detail.

Know the checks you need every time

Only the information

you need