Safely Record the Covid-19 Vaccine Status of your staff

For just $8 per check, collect the proof you need through a process that is 100% compliant with NZ privacy & labour laws.
100% compliant with NZ labour and privacy laws
Save the time spent following up every member of your staff
Use a seamless online process that respects your teams’ rights around privacy and consent

You need to know the vaccination status in your workplace and are faced with having to ask your staff for a new type of personal information.

Whilst many employees consider that their NHI number and birth date are sensitive details to share,
it can be the exposure of deeply held beliefs around vaccinations that can provoke the most tension in the workplace.

We saw that vaccine status checks involved far more than an administrative process. With the right HR,
privacy and legal considerations in place, we can verify the vaccination status of your staff in a way that
respects their privacy and keeps your company 100% compliant.


MyChecks Vaccine Check Process

Get one view of the vaccination status
of every employee in your company

Filter by branch or department to understand vaccine coverage throughout your teams

How to get vaccine checks underway today


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Receive a call and talk through your company requirements


Send through your list of employees and we’ll get all of the checks underway

MyChecks is a TIMG product

TIMG has been trusted by the government to build and implement information processes and protect New Zealander’s information.

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We’ll show you how MyChecks makes it safe and easy to record the vaccine status of your staff.

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What our customers say

Please note that MyChecks is closing at the end of 2023

We would like to thank you for your support over the past 3 years.

Key dates:
– Last day for requesting a check is Friday 22nd December 2023
– Last day to access and download your checks Friday 19 January 2024

We understand that you will need to find an alternate supplier to complete your background checks. We recommend Checkmate, a NZ based background checking business. You can find them at