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Let Us Take Reference Checks Off Your Plate

Online reference checking means no more phone tag or unwanted admin
Online Reference Check
3 to 5 working days
per referee
excl. GST

Why choose MyChecks for online reference checks?

Save hours of admin time by letting us automate the process
Multiple reminders means a fast turnaround from referees
Get all your employment checks done in one place

How online reference checking works

Reference checks without the hassle


Order the check online

Order online and enter your candidate’s name and contact info, and the details of the referees that you want to hear from.

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Candidate gives permission

The candidate is asked to give permission for MyChecks to contact their referees. This ensures there is no confusion about who we request feedback from.

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Referees fills out form

The referees will receive an email invitation to the reference check form, then provide all the details you want to know about the candidate.

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