$8 to Safely Verify the Covid-19 vaccine status of your staff!

MyChecks will take your team through a 100% compliant process that protects their privacy and right to consent.



Snaphire Integration is on the way

We are pleased to announce that you will soon be able to integrate your SnapHire platform with MyChecks for completing your background check assessments. This means you can access all of the benefits of MyChecks, including our market leading approach to privacy, candidate ease of use and background check processes direct from your SnapHire dashboard. Evidence of check results and the Proof of Verification will automatically be loaded to your SnapHire account, removing the need to work in two systems. To join the wait list for integration, let our team know!

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Your guide to background checks

Download the guide to understand:

  • Which background checks to run
  • Why run them
  • What they show
  • Who the issuing authority in New Zealand is
Download Your Guide To Background Checks