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MyChecks will take your team through a 100% compliant process that protects their privacy and right to consent.



Police Vetting Checks now available!

MyChecks is now an approved agency for the New Zealand Police Vetting Service. If your organisation qualifies for NZ Police Vetting (you work with children or vulnerable members of society) you can now use MyChecks to manage the vetting process. Our easy to use software makes it simple for you to manage your vetting requirements. Simply give us a few details of your candidate, and we will do the rest. MyChecks helps you keep on top of your compliance with reminders for re-vetting and our market-leading approach to privacy reduces the burden of managing data. To learn more and find out if you qualify for the service, please contact our team.

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Your guide to background checks

Download the guide to understand:

  • Which background checks to run
  • Why run them
  • What they show
  • Who the issuing authority in New Zealand is
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