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Safely check your own background 

Online Criminal Record checks without the privacy risks
Know what's on your record before sharing it with others 
Peace of mind through a secure online process
Know you’ve made all the right checks
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Background checks can bring up sensitive information that you may not want to share

The risk of exposing private information can be unsettling but doesn’t need to be constantly on your mind.

We’ve listened to our customers’ concerns and have developed a safe checking system that delivers the outcome of a check without all the personal information.

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All the proof you need on one page


MyChecks is part of TIMG, protecting information for over 10,000 NZ businesses


How it works

Background checks without risking your privacy


Choose checks

Select the check you'd like to run.


Enter Details & Pay

Verify your details through our app and purchase your check online


View check results

Get notified when the check is complete and view results securely online.


Criminal Conviction History Check
4 working days
excl. GST