Freightways unveils online background checks tool for employers

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Freightways has delivered a new company that enables businesses to protect employees’ private information without taking shortcuts when vetting job applicants.

MyChecks offers efficient background checks that are kept safely at arm’s length, helping business compliance with privacy laws, and minimising the impact of a data security breach. It is the first product to come to market from Freightways dedicated research and development arm, The Startery.

The Startery is responsible for developing complementary revenue streams for the NZX-listed business while furthering its offering to Kiwi customers in the pick-up, processing and delivery space – whether it be in packages, mail, waste or in this case data.

“This is a crucial first step for The Startery, protecting data is a pressing concern for businesses and we know that many out there are falling short. MyChecks is a simple solution for those that just don’t want this level of risk,” says Freightways CEO Mark Troughear.

Using MyChecks, a business can check all the usual types of information they normally would when assessing potential employees – criminal backgrounds, driver’s licenses, credit checks, online references and more.

MyChecks carries out checks through the Ministry of Justice, NZTA, ACC and other authorities, providing employers with a simple ‘acceptable’ or ‘not acceptable’ response based on customised requirements for the role they are hiring for. This ensures that employers aren’t holding any unnecessary information in the event of external attacks, or if another staff member goes looking.

“Cybersecurity is an increasing threat to businesses and organisations all over the world, and we’ve seen that already in the last year with high profile disruptions to NZ organisations,” says MyChecks Founder Josephine McGillivray.

“Private information about individuals is highly sought after on the dark web, and the best way businesses can protect both themselves and their employees is by never actually having that information in the first place.

“Currently businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place because they need to conduct thorough background checks, but they then have the burden of responsibility for protecting that information. Our technology bridges that gap for them,” says McGillivray.

Companies without robust vetting processes are at even greater risk, as while they may not store personal data, the potential ramifications of hiring an unsuitable individual can be catastrophic.

“Cyber-attacks have been regular news fixtures in recent years, but we’ve also seen a number of cases where companies have fallen short by not conducting adequate checks on employees. It’s crucial to know who you are hiring and even more so when staff are working with children or other vulnerable people.

“There is no reason for a business to fail in its duty of care, both to other employees and members of the public because they didn’t have a process in place. MyChecks takes away the guesswork and gives employers exactly what they need to keep people safe, removing risk,” says McGillivray.

Currently, MyChecks is focused on businesses in need of employment background checks, but the technology is in constant development and has the potential to be utilised for other purposes, such as tenancy applications.

Several businesses have already signed up to MyChecks including Briscoes, Comvita, The Icehouse, Hydraulink and Popstars Productions.

“The MyChecks team has done a really great job of innovating a safe, user-friendly way to pick up and process data to deliver a result that’s fit for the fast-changing risk environment we find ourselves in,” says Troughear.

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Please note that MyChecks is closing at the end of 2023

We would like to thank you for your support over the past 3 years.

Key dates:
– Last day for requesting a check is Friday 22nd December 2023
– Last day to access and download your checks Friday 19 January 2024

We understand that you will need to find an alternate supplier to complete your background checks. We recommend Checkmate, a NZ based background checking business. You can find them at
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