Online Background Checking Explained: How It Works In New Zealand

Checking a job candidate’s background is a crucial step in the recruitment process. Criminal history is the main thing that employers check in New Zealand to make sure they hire suitable people for their company.

Other useful background checks include:

  • credit check
  • driver licence check
  • accident compensation check
  • work history check.

Manual background checking is painful.

Many companies are still using paper forms to process background checks for their potential employees. The main issues with this are:

  • Paper forms take longer to fill in, and candidates need to be there in person or have it posted to them and posted back
  • There’s an added 1-3 day delay posting the form to the Ministry of Justice
  • You need to get a candidate’s driver licence or passport and make a copy of it – often this ID is kept on file which is at risk of being exposed in a privacy breach.


What can you expect from an online background checking process?

Unlike paper-based background checks, online criminal record checks are simple, reliable and take away the admin headache.


100% online

Printing, writing and signing physical forms are a thing of the past. Save time by doing everything in the MyChecks online platform, without having to schedule physical meetings and take unnecessary time out of your day, or your candidate’s.


A mobile-friendly experience for candidates

Filling in the background check form is easy for candidates, using the device they’re most comfortable with – anywhere, anytime. Our user-friendly design and streamlined ID upload feature mean your candidates will complete their part in record time.


Private & secure

All candidate information and ID documents are stored securely in the MyChecks platform, so you don’t need to obtain or hold onto them. Simply request a new background check, and we’ll sort out the rest.


Keep it all together in one place

Never lose track of a candidate’s background check. You can sign in to your MyChecks dashboard to view the status of all pending checks and review all of the check results in one place.


Check more than just criminal history

Does your candidate need to drive as part of the role? Add a driver licence check. Have a financial position to fill? Get a credit check as well. It’s easy to add extra checks as and when you need them, just check the box.


How does the background checking process work with MyChecks?

1. Sign up online and request a check

  • Request a check in seconds from your dashboard with just the candidate’s name and email.
  • Select the checks you want us to run for you.
  • Pick the time frame for the criminal history check – choose from 4, 11, or 16 working days.


2. The candidate receives the request and provides their details online

  • An email goes out, inviting the candidate to complete the MyChecks request.
  • They fill in their personal information on the mobile-friendly form.
  • As part of the form, they take photos of their ID, their face, and their signature, and upload them as they go.


3. MyChecks verifies the identity & processes the checks

  • The MyChecks team reviews the information provided and checks this against the documents & photos to verify the candidate is who they say they are.
  • We’ll work with the Ministry of Justice to run the criminal history check.
  • We’ll also use other trusted agencies to complete extra checks like driver licence or credit.


4. You get all the proof you need, on one page

  • Once we’ve finalised the background check, you’ll receive a Proof of Verification document which tells you if they match your HR policy requirements.
  • This reduces your compliance requirements of the Privacy Act, ensures your hiring practices are being followed and makes it easier to retain minimal information on unsuccessful applicants.


With the proof in hand, you’re ready to make the all-important hiring decision.

Resource Centre

Your guide to background checks

Download the guide to understand:

  • Which background checks to run
  • Why run them
  • What they show
  • Who the issuing authority in New Zealand is

Please note that MyChecks is closing at the end of 2023

We would like to thank you for your support over the past 3 years.

Key dates:
– Last day for requesting a check is Friday 22nd December 2023
– Last day to access and download your checks Friday 19 January 2024

We understand that you will need to find an alternate supplier to complete your background checks. We recommend Checkmate, a NZ based background checking business. You can find them at
Download Your Guide To Background Checks