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Don't make a mistake when hiring

Verify candidate information without exposing yourself to privacy breaches. 

Keep your business moving with contactless checks

New Zealand Criminal Background checks from $40.00

Don't let social distancing slow you down when recruiting new people. 

MyChecks allows your applicants to complete background checks 100% online - no printing, scanning or signing physical forms. 

The right way to background check

MyChecks guides you through getting the background checks you need to make sure your candidate is who they say they are.

By sharing only the information you need to make a good decision, we help you protect the privacy of your candidate and fulfil your Privacy Act obligations. 

Get only the information you need

Through our encrypted portal, you'll get a downloadable Proof document showing the results of your checks.

Reduce your risk

The Proof is your one source of truth.

Detailed documents are viewable but can't be downloaded - to protect you against data breaches.

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Additional checks

Credit check

Our services

Automated criminal history checking powered by the Ministry of Justice.

Criminal record check

Confirm a candidate's employment history.

Work history check

Be confident that the person you hire will be financially responsible.

Credit check

Ensuring candidates are who they say they are.

Additional checks

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