Credit Check

Be confident that the person you hire will be financially responsible.

Don't get stuck with an employee who can't handle money responsibly

By understanding someone's credit history, you get a clear picture of their ability to pay bills, loans and other credit on time.

Removing the risk of candidate data leaks

Allowing MyChecks to get the credit history means you don't need to hold on to a copy of your candidate's licence or passport, which could get into the wrong hands.

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See only what you need

Your candidate's credit score will be checked against your job requirements, to give a pass or fail.

If you want to understand the reason for the score, you can securely view the credit report from your account.

Our difference

Protect against

data breaches

Candidate's sensitive information is held securely in our encrypted portal, ensuring that data doesn't get into the wrong hands.

By setting unique hiring rules for different types of roles, you'll never have to think about what checks to get for each new request.

With our Proof document, you get a quick overview of the check results without having to dig into the detail.

Know the checks you need every time

Only the information

you need