Additional Checks

Our wide range of additional checks means you can be completely at ease
about who you're hiring.
Age icon_2px.png

You need to know if someone is legally old enough to work for you.

Verify age

Driver check icon_2px.png

Candidates may need to travel in their role, either in a car or goods vehicle.

Driver licence check

Diploma icon_2px.png

Everything from a certificate to a PHD.

Coming soon!


ACC icon_2px.png

Ensure new employees are fit to work in a particular role.

ACC check

Our difference

Protect against

data breaches

Candidate's sensitive information is held securely in our encrypted portal, ensuring that data doesn't get into the wrong hands.

By setting unique hiring rules for different types of roles, you'll never have to think about what checks to get for each new request.

With our Proof document, you get a quick overview of the check results without having to dig into the detail.

Know the checks you need every time

Only the information

you need