About Us

Before MyChecks, we were walking into workplaces every week to talk to employers and their employees. We were there to digitalise and store company information so always had good reason to talk to people across many roles. Hungry for new challenges and in the belief that true innovation only comes from solving real customer problems, we were always keen to hear about new problems, outside of what we were there to primarily provide.

We picked up on a trend. Employers and recruiters often mentioned long delays around background checks and the frustrations they felt when they had to wait too long to get the all clear to offer jobs to candidates.

Looking deeply into the background checking problem, we found that most of the delays were caused by form submission mistakes and omissions that came about through an overly complicated and manual process. We also saw that background checking was bringing highly sensitive and personal information into workplaces and that there were few processes in place to manage the associated privacy risks.

MyChecks was launched to solve the background checking problem and we set up our office in our TIMG building in Penrose, Auckland. Our focus is to provide seamless, fast and compliant online background checking and it has been especially rewarding to take a difficult task and make it fast and easy for hundreds of businesses throughout New Zealand.

Please note that MyChecks is closing at the end of 2023

We would like to thank you for your support over the past 3 years.

Key dates:
– Last day for requesting a check is Friday 22nd December 2023
– Last day to access and download your checks Friday 19 January 2024

We understand that you will need to find an alternate supplier to complete your background checks. We recommend Checkmate, a NZ based background checking business. You can find them at www.checkmate.tech