Get Fast & Safe Hiring Processes in Your Business

MyChecks provides a fast turn around on background checks through a guided process that keeps your team 100% compliant.


Criminal Conviction Check


Reference Check


Credit Check


Driver Licence Check


ACC Claims Check

Speed and guidance on all checks

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Run checks quickly. Get first pick of the best job candidates.

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Enable your staff to run the right checks for specific roles.

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Save time on keeping compliant with NZ privacy laws.

Remove the need for risky decisions

When there’s a race to fill job vacancies, background checks are missed and hiring policies are ignored. Hiring Managers can cut corners when there’s fear of running out of time.

We understand that checking systems need to be fast and easy for staff to use. Hiring policies aren’t often top of mind so we have built a guided process that cuts out human error. Configure MyChecks to your HR policies and keep your business inline with privacy laws.

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Guiding your team through every check

MyChecks has built HR best practice into the process flows around running background checks. Capturing candidate consents, running role appropriate checks and accessing and storing personal information is all mandated through MyChecks online.

Start checks online

After choosing which checks to run, your staff will only ever need to enter a candidate’s name and email.

MyChecks will verify the identity and collect the right consents from every candidate. A paperless process removes blocks around waiting for paperwork to be completed.

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Set up access levels and acceptance criteria for everyone who hires staff in your business.

With a one-screen view, you can see what checks are complete and outstanding across your entire business.

Proof of results

As soon as checks are complete the staff you select will be alerted. Proofs provide a binary answer on whether candidates are acceptable or not.

You set the acceptance criteria for every role type and can limit access to the data that sits behind every check result

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Success stories from happy customers

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At Hippy we use MyChecks to run criminal checks on potential employees. Before using MyChecks we had challenges around the time it took to run a check.

We've found your prompt service, great communication and easy to follow procedures have improved how we do background checks. The service is definitely value for money.